Dancing My Way Back to Me

I have spoken of the nature and spirit of clay and believe the clay has something to say.

My gift is true and constant. I am always amazed at what it reveals about me. In my life I have ignored and left it behind. When I called upon it, it was always there. It is patient, constant, and waiting. The clay would sometimes reveal my absence and perhaps scold me, but it would also reward and embrace me.

In every life, we can all look back to paths not taken. Would we go back if we could? Take the other fork in the road? What would life be like if we had gone in that direction? Why do we find it so easy to leave behind that which brings us the most joy?

I am exploring the answers to these questions in my series, “Dancing my Way Back to Me”.

By inviting full freedom to the clay, approaching the clay with no preconceived notions, and imposing no control; What will happen? With true innocence, true honesty, and true purity of spirit, will the clay take me back to my pure, honest, and innocent self?

Can I forgive myself for ever leaving?

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